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In a smooth and powerful business model, dropshipping automation is a game changer, it transforms a hardworking manual process into a stable business. You can reduce the difficult process, facilitate tasks, and scale your business without any effort. In this blog, we will guide you on how to make dropshipping automated for running business.

What is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a method where a retailer does not hold the inventory for the products it sells. It purchases products from a third-party business and ships them straight to their clients. There are many benefits of dropshipping, but it also has a lot of repetitive work like the process of orders, inventory control and customer support. The aim of the retailer is to fulfil the requirements of the clients or customers. 

Why Do We Need Dropshipping Automated?

The purpose of dropshipping automated business is to reduce mistakes, save time and streamline the processes. Combining different tools and software can help you automate most business processes so that you will have more time on hand to focus on customer satisfaction and growth.

6 Tasks by Dropshipping Automated:

1. Importing and Listing Products

One of the first steps in starting a dropshipping automated business is importing goods from suppliers and listing them on your online shop. Manually adding products, pictures, descriptions, prices can be time-consuming.

Automation Solution:

Use apps and solutions for importing products like Dropified, Oberlo or Spocket. These solutions can import products automatically from vendors such as AliExpress, edit product description, change prices according to your preference. They also ensure that recent inventory changes or price adjustments made by suppliers are reflected in your product listings.

2. Stock Control

It is crucial to track inventory levels so as not to oversell or run out of stock. Manual control may cause inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

Automation Solution:

Introduce an inventory management system like Inventory Source or Syncee. These systems synchronize your store’s inventory with those of suppliers hence always guaranteeing the accuracy of product availability. Automated alerts can warn you low on stock, enabling you to make prompt choices.

3. Purchase Order Processing and Fulfillment

The process of manually processing orders is a time-consuming exercise that starts from receiving the order, notifying supplier to ship the product as well as other processes involved.

Moreover, this approach might pose some errors during order processing stage.

Automation Solution:

Utilize such automated ordering tools as AutoDS or DSM Tool. These platforms allow direct shipment details and tracking updates for each placed order by automating your shipping process inclusive of forwarding this information to suppliers and providing them with the best tracking details they need once the products has been dispatched.

This means that in a simple way this method reduces human interventions and fastens order fulfillment process.

4. Price and Stock Monitoring

It is not a secret that prices and the level of goods in stock fluctuate frequently and keeping track manually is impossible.

Automation Solution:

Use tools for repricing like RepricerExpress or PriceYak. With them, you can make sure that your prices are automatically adjusted according to changes from suppliers as well as competition driven pricing.

Moreover, they keep an eye on how many products are still available in your shop so that you do not run out of stock thus ensuring that you always offer the best prices while avoiding selling items which have already become outdated.

5. Customer Service and Communication

Any dropshipping business start needs effective customer service. However, managing customer inquiries, order updates and returns manually can be overwhelming.

Automation Solution:

Use customer care automation software such as Freshdesk or Zendesk. These platforms automatically respond to common queries, monitor order status, and manage return processes efficiently for a smooth operation of online businesses. Here is the best dropshipping suppliers in china list.

Additionally, chatbots can provide immediate support on your site by answering usual questions asked by clients while helping them during their purchase path.

6. Marketing and Promotion

As it is, marketing is indispensable for driving traffic and sales, while however managing campaigns across so many different platforms can seem quite time-consuming.

Automation Solution:

Employ marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, or Hootsuite. These tools will enable you to program post updates on social media sites, send automated email campaigns and even monitor the results of your marketing activities.

In this way, you can consistently be found online while at the same time engaging with your audiences better through electronic commerce activities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Automating Your Dropshipping Business

Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform

The selection of your e-commerce platform determines whether you will be able to automate your business completely. Automation is possible with such platforms as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce due to their availability of plugins and integrations.


Shopify is a highly demanded platform among dropshippers because it has a vast app store and user-friendly interface. It works well with multiple dropshipping automation tools.

Choosing Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

To achieve automation, it is important to have reputable china dropshipping sourcing company suppliers who can deliver on time. Look for suppliers that offer API integration or have partnerships with dropshipping tools.


Automated supply through AliExpress, SaleHoo, and Doba provide many suppliers options. Make sure that chosen suppliers have high ratings and are known for timely deliveries.

Installing Product Import Tools

Add product import tools which will enable updating your store’s inventory automatically. Set up these tools in such a way that they regularly update product details.


Oberlo (for Shopify), Dropified, or Spocket offer excellent solutions when it comes to importing products as well as keeping listings updated.

Setting Up Inventory Management

Install warehouse inventory management software to link your shop’s items with the stock of your suppliers. Establish alerts for low stock levels.


If you own a dropshipping business, try using either Inventory Source or Syncee which provide comprehensive solutions for managing inventories.

Dropshipping Automated Order Processing

Use tools of order automation to make the process of order fulfillment more effective and efficient. Make sure that these tools support order forwarding, tracking updates, and customer notifications.


AutoDS or DSM Tool can handle automated processing of orders which will give real-time information to customers about their order status.

Integrate Pricing and Stock Monitoring

Implement repricing tools to adjust prices depending on market conditions and supplier modifications. Ensure that your store prefers competitive pricing all the time.


PriceYak or RepricerExpress feature solid product pricing as well as stock monitoring functionalities.

Improve Customer Support

Employ AI chatbots to deal with questions, order tracking and returns faster. Use for immediate support.


Zendesk and Freshdesk are well-known customer service platforms that can automate numerous customer interactions.

Automate Marketing Activities

Use marketing automation tools to oversee email campaigns, social media posts among other marketing activities. Gauge the success of your campaigns to refine your approach.


Automate your marketing efforts and achieve effective targeting through Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Hootsuite.


Adopting dropshipping automated is key in ensuring that your dropshipping company prospers and develops. Employing automated tools such as importation of products, inventory management systems, pricing mechanisms, processing orders, and dealing with customers will enable you standardize your operations while scaling up the business.

Incorporating automation into a dropshipping business unlocks its full potentiality and improves efficiency as well as an exceptional customer experience.

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