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Customized Private Label

Customized Branding Package Services in China

Most small company customers import items without names or labels from China, but they hardly ever utilize packaging of their design. However, customized branding package services in China are quite advantageous for new and small enterprises. Without engaging in a difficult, costly, and time-consuming process of product creation, they may construct their brands.

At Runtoagent, we help new and established companies develop their reputations through our personalized product branding services. Our company has a group of motivated and passionate designers prepared to produce powerful brand designs, product package designs, and more.

We engage in product branding and packaging solution that increases the value of your goods or services. Our creative team invests a lot of time in testing various ideas and concepts.

Reliable Product Branding Service in China

Your brand should communicate with your target market through logos, packaging, and other visual characteristics. The values of your business, your goals, and what makes you different from your rivals should all be reflected in your brand.

Indeed, the Runtoagent enthusiastic staff aims to improve your brand image through speciality product packaging services. Thus, our customized branding package services in China help you achieve market standards. We enhance your marketing plan to make your products more attractive. In the long run, custom packaging helps you save money.

Almost any piece, including stickers, business cards, and bespoke package private labels, may be customized to strengthen your brand identity. Thus, it enhances the experience for your clients. The main goal of packaging is to make sure that your clients get the product safely and on time with unique packaging and leaves a great impression. 

Product Branding And Packaging - Custom Design

We have a simple and easy process of branding packaging. First, look through the connected items on Runtoagent to find the many packaging options with related products. You may use this to obtain some packaging inspiration and ideas.

Then Choose the packaging that is best for the goods you will be selling to your consumers. After sale, we create the package artwork if your provider can assist you with the print job. Then it saves in the system as AI files. Thus, it reduces your efforts and saves your time  All you have to do is describe the image and kind of design you want for the box. Then our printing supplier will assist you with the customized packaging of your goods. From there, you can have your design printed.

Customized Branding Package Services in China - Runtoagent

Runtoagent has years of experience with unique packaging. Our internal design team for product packaging has extensive experience in branding, packaging, developing visual identities, and marketing. These imaginative people may give you cutting-edge thoughts and ideas to liven up your brand identification.

We involve in your project from beginning to end because of our customized branding package services in China, where we get our items. Also, We can concentrate on your promotional demands thanks to our hands-on approach. We guarantee that the designs are perfect for your promotional and marketing needs. You may get unique ideas for your brand, product packaging, color, iconography, and more from our custom product packaging design experts in China.

Customized Private Label

Private label shipping concept

Plastic, silicone, rubber products

For products made from these materials, such as circuit boards, silicone wristbands and rubber phone cases, the most common printing method is silkscreen, which is one of the most cost-effective solutions for logo making because of its low price and fast process.

rubber products and sealing products
Whiskey advertising design elements

wood and metal products

For products made from hard solid materials, it is recommended to use laser printing to make the product look more natural and advanced. This type of printing is widely used in many wooden crafts, tools and hardware.

fabric and leather goods

For textiles, consider silkscreen printing, or you can opt for embroidery to make your product look handmade. For leather goods, hot stamping and embossing are the most commonly used sign printing methods.

handmade leather goods
cardboard boxes with bubble wrap

Various solutions for packing items

Simple packaging box, exquisite gift box, tag and packaging inserts.

Divided into: Product description picture, label and manual design.

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