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Customized Private Label

Private label and packaging solutions

We can print logos and custom packaging for your products to differentiate them from your competitors’ products. Our design team can provide you with a variety of design solutions, and our agent will find you a suitable factory to complete them at a suitable price.

We can provide you with a suitable label making solution according to your budget, minimum order quantity and product materials

Plastic, silicone, rubber products

For products made from these materials, such as circuit boards, silicone wristbands and rubber phone cases, the most common printing method is silkscreen, which is one of the most cost-effective solutions for logo making because of its low price and fast process.

wood and metal products

For products made from hard solid materials, it is recommended to use laser printing to make the product look more natural and advanced. This type of printing is widely used in many wooden crafts, tools and hardware.

fabric and leather goods

For textiles, consider silkscreen printing, or you can opt for embroidery to make your product look handmade. For leather goods, hot stamping and embossing are the most commonly used sign printing methods.

Various solutions for packing items

Simple packaging box, exquisite gift box, tag and packaging inserts

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