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Photography & Graphic Design

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Photography & Graphic Design

Pictures and videos of every product are vital in e-commerce.

The four categories of photography are Basic product photography, advanced product photography, lifestyle product photography, and basic and lifestyle product video.


We will provide different photography methods according to the quantity of your order. If you need to specify the photography method, you can contact our agent for the specific quotation.

Graphic Design

Divided into: product description picture, label and manual design

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Recycling Products Concept

1. Product description picture
We can add the manufacturer’s product attributes to the white background image to ensure that your customers fully understand the product.

2. Label and manual design
Eye-catching product labels help differentiate your products from those of your competitors. We can design beautiful labels for you.


We can also help you make manuals. A good user manual will help your customers understand how to use your product properly.

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3. Packaging Design​

You only need to provide us with the copy on the packaging and the desired packaging style, our designers will help you, design a similar style, and modify until you are satisfied.

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